Time Capsule in der a&o Kunsthalle

30. July 2019 12:27  /  Blog

about Time Capsule

Each artwork carries an implicit time value. The artist sometimes relies on certain semantics hidden in specific periods. Alternatively, they draw their imagination to unrealistic or futuristic times…
As contemporary art is an expression that carries a temporal aspect within it.
It might be that it imposes on the artists certain behaviors towards topics; or that it implies that they need to keep pace with events surrounding them, to understand what happened. What can happen! Moreover, what can be predicted on different levels (Political, social, economic, technological, emotional).
The exhibition gathers works of 11 artists that are dealing with themes that can reoccur. With themes that try to interpret the future, or specifically discuss a certain present or a past event.
Throughout a publication the artists are reflecting on the act of encapsulating something and sending it to the future. Or on the time capsule as an object in itself. As such the time capsule is transformed to the medium of reflections and interpretations.

25 Jul – 30 Aug 2019

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Curation: Yara Saleh


Brandenburger Str. 2
04103 Leipzig